Institute For Engineering Research and Publication is one of the world’s largest Non-profitable professional Association meant for Research and Development in the field of Science, Engineering and Technology. IFERP brought together many researchers, professionals, scientists, academicians and students to engage in very challenging conversations, assess the current body of research, and determine knowledge and capability gaps.

The major objective of IFERP is the career development of faculties and the personality development of the students and the overall development of the technical education and society. IFERP is a forum where innovations & research interest could be supported and developed prioritizing our mutual interest. Our forums & Associates constitute Professional leaders, Universities, Organizations & Associations connecting each other with a mission to work as wizards of science for defending the earth.

IFERP connect engineers, exchange global innovation and act as a bridge between Researchers & Academicians by organizing International Conferences, International Workshops, Seminars/Guest Lectures, Short Term Training Programmes, Providing professional, student & Institutional Membership, Establishing Student Chapters, Faculty Exchange Programme and implant Training in nook and corners of the world through our globally distributed executive committee members to reduce the gap between curriculum and their practical implementation among students and research scholars.

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